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About us

We provide best online education platform.

Yuva Kaushal is a mobile-first online learning platform for the infrastructure deprived ‘Bharat’ empowering them to build a better tomorrow. YP’s mission is to give a second chance to the less educated and deprived youth through wage or self-employment based on urban and rural livelihood training.

Our Service

Yuva Kaushal is on a mission to skill India. With the advent and growth of technology now, anybody can access the videos through the platform, take tests, check one’s progress & learn the courses, thereby generating a livelihood for himself & leading a better life.


Now learning a new skill is so easy with Yuva Kaushal. With one click you have access to different skill training courses.


Learn all by yourself and even answer questions to check your progress.


Detailed knowledge of different courses provided that gives ‘wings to your courage’